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Which software do I need to run FeynCalc?

Mathematica 3.0 or higher.

Which hardware do I need to run FeynCalc?

Any computer capable of running Mathematica 3.0 or 4.0 will do. FeynCalc works somewhat slow but fine on an old 25 MHz NeXTstation with 32 MB of RAM and also fine but slow on an old 120 MHz PowerMac with 64 MB of RAM. However, for more complicated calculations it is advisable to use a computer with at least 200 MHz and 128 MB of RAM or more. It seems that enough swap space is also a good idea, since Feynman diagram calculations produce length expressions easily.

What quantum field theory models are supported?

The tools of FeynCalc are general enough to be of use with most models. However, at present, special support exists for the electroweak Standard Model, QCD and operator expansion methods, and Chiral Perturbation Theory. More models will be added if new developers volunteer to add them.

Is FeynCalc hard to use?

If you have a good working knowledge of Mathematica, that is, you have already used Mathematica for calculations in physics, but not necessarily written any packages, you will have no problems installing and using FeynCalc. Even if you are new to Mathematica, you may still find FeynCalc useful because of the provided examples on the download page.

So, what can I actually do with FeynCalc?

Basically, speed up the calculation of tree and loop diagrams and check hand calculations.

Why is FeynCalc now open source?

First of all to speed up development. Also, Rolf does not have much time for it anymore.

Are there any publications using FeynCalc?

Check www-spires.slac.stanford.edu.