Note: All momenta are flowing into the vertex.

GluonVertex[{p,mu,a}, {q,nu,b}, {k,la,c}] or GluonVertex[p,mu,a , q,nu,b , k,la,c ] yields the 3-gluon vertex. GluonVertex[{p,mu}, {q,nu}, {k,la}] yields the 3-gluon vertex without color structure and the coupling constant. GluonVertex[{p,mu,a}, {q,nu,b}, {k,la,c}, {s,si,d}] or GluonVertex[{mu,a}, {nu,b}, {la,c}, {si,d}] or GluonVertex[p,mu,a , q,nu,b , k,la,c , s,si,d] or GluonVertex[ mu,a , nu,b , la,c , si,d ] yields the 4-gluon vertex. The dimension and the name of the coupling constant are determined by the options Dimension and CouplingConstant.

GV can be used as an abbreviation of GluonVertex.


See also: GluonGhostVertex, GluonPropagator.


A very convenient way to enter diagrams by hand is to label each line hitting a vertex by a number and put this number after the inflowing momentum.


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