D0[ p10, p12, p23, p30, p20, p13, m1^2, m2^2, m3^2, m4^2 ] is the Passarino-Veltman [Graphics:Images/index_gr_1.gif] function. The convention for the arguments is that if the denominator of the integrand has the form ([q^2-m1^2] [(q+p1)^2-m2^2] [(q+p2)^2-m3^2] [(q+p3)^2-m4^2] ), the first six arguments of D0 are the scalar products p10 = p1^2, p12 = (p1-p2)^2, p23 = (p2-p3)^2, p30 = p3^2, p20 = p2^2, p13 = (p1-p3)^2.

See also: B0, C0, PaVe, PaVeOrder.


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